About Diane

I LOVE inspiring Others To Dream Big, Serve Big, And Win Big!

My true mission has always been to make a difference and help others as well. I have always had crazy, big dreams, and no matter what unexpected twists and turns (called life), I never lost focus and stayed true to my mission.

When I launched The Lampe Company in 2006, my mission was more than simply establishing an insurance agency. I wanted to mentor team members to become successful through targeted leadership coaching and development, enabling each insurance specialist to earn a great income while doing the right things for families.

Our specialists matter. I want each one of them to feel they are part of something bigger than themselves…working together, helping families at all income levels.

And, our families get the help they deserve with stellar products that fit their needs, goals and budget.  Since we represent over 30+ companies that are all highly rated and many household names, our agents are able to find products that fit their client’s budget and needs quickly and easily with our customized tools and support…the envy of other organizations.

We are very proud that my team has helped well over 100,000+ families across the United States and we are poised to double that number in half the time. Why? When you build relationships based on trust, education, product specialists, and caring for clients like they were our own loved ones…referrals happen, more products happen, hence more business!

And last but not least, servant leadership is key and helping others personally develop into the best version of themselves, is what the Lampe Company is all about. We encourage each and every agent to join Diane’s masterminds, as she is one of less than 100 internationally leader certified thru the Napoleon Hill Foundation, and a published author of “The Amazing Adventures of Oliver Hill.” — all proceeds go to the Napoleon Hill Foundation.
Our mission is clear…come be part of the movement!

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I am looking for warriors that want to make a difference in their life and the lives of others all be being part of a winning team.

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